What does it mean to emulate another artist? If you emulate another artist’s ideas because you have none of your own, well you could do worse. Ideas have to come from somewhere. If you don’t have any of your own, use somebody else’s for a season.

It’s quite sensible to acknowledge one’s limits. And don’t we all begin with limits like these?
The cry to be original is a pointless demand until one has reached awareness of the standards that exist. It’s a false commonplace to suppose that the young are more original than their elders. Certainly the young can mistake themselves for originals. But, their ignorance of traditions prevents an authentic originality. Sometimes a young artist is truly original, but not by having sought such a distinction. Rather, it sometimes comes quite unsought, being bestowed by nature Herself. In such a case the young artist is merely being true to himself and happens to be doing something new without knowing or intending it.

We all begin with ABCs. In the realm of art this means learning to draw. One must also learn pictorial invention, something one gets from artists who have come before.

Having said all this, I had some help with this drawing from a very young original.  Some of the scribbly lines at the bottom and left-hand side were drawn by my daughter when she was a toddler.

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