There’s lots of ways of beginning.  I follow no rules when I paint.  One can draw with a brush.  You can put things down in whatever order you notice them.  You probably can’t even tell what is being depicted here.  Yet, I love a painting at this stage — when all its beauty is in its pure forms and dragged paint.  I’ll have to let you have a peek at it when it’s done.

“A work of art must carry within itself its complete significance and impose that upon the beholder even before he recognizes the subject matter.  When I see the Giotto frescoes at Padua I do not trouble myself to recognize which scene of the life of Christ I have before me, but I immediately understand the sentiment which emerges from it, for it is in the lines, the composition, the colour.  The title will only serve to confirm my impression.”  — Henri Matisse, 1908, “Notes of a Painter” [Matisse on Art, ed. Jack D. Flamm, p. 38]


4 thoughts on “New Painting

  1. WR, I was telling someone who has an interest in this painting and was thinking of using it in a publication “as is,” that unfortunately no one can decipher the subject. (She could — sort of –only because she had seen the still life.)
    Well, the arrival of your timely comment certainly demonstrated the point! Yours was an interesting guess however. And is correct about the plate.

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