More Koi

Before the painting can live in someone else’s house and life, it first must live at the artist’s house.   The largest of my koi paintings lives — the fish swim, I should say — in my apartment above a bookshelf.  (One little wave of water, pictured at left, a painting by my daughter has wafted out of the pool!)



Koi seem to have captured the modern imagination, and they captured mine too.  I started painting koi years ago, innocently imagining that I was the only person interested in doing so.  Well, I was wrong.  Koi are so intensely popular that even in my present needle-in-a-haystack status on the internet, my koi pictures still tend to be the ones people find most often by accident.  And once having found them, the koi paintings tend to be the ones with which they most instantly connect.

I drew these koi — these koi who have become very abstract.  These koi are color patterns in a large field of blue and black.  This is an enormous drawing.  Made on two sheets of Canson paper, it measures 60 x 88 inches.