Richard Diebenkorn, were he still living, would be about my mom’s age.  So he was a grown up painter when I was this size.  He’s like an art Dad to me.  (Matisse and Bonnard are my grandparents.)  I wanted to paint something that was thoroughly my own, yet Diebenkorn-like.  A wonderful large Diebenkorn of a Seated Figure Wearing a Hat was on display at the National Gallery of Art around the time I made my picture.  The textures are very different — his and mine — but something of the brushy Diebenkorn surfaces comes to life in its own way in my picture too.

My painting is a self portrait. It depicts a larger than life-size, two year old me, clinging to her doll which “me” is afraid of losing to some other children.  To get this image, I used a little square format, black and white photo dating from Post-Cambrian times.  It’s a striking picture (if I’m allowed to say so myself).  It’s a very modern sort of thing to shake up just the right kind of bright decor.

And I need to find it a home.  It’s kind of an orphan!  [Acrylic on canvas, 50 x 56 inches, by Aletha Kuschan]

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