Alice the cat loves to look in the mirror because Alice thinks that her own feline face is one of the most beautiful spectacles of Nature!  Hence the art of self-portraiture comes naturallly to her.  Here, she has drawn herself using one of the artist’s most fundamental tools:  the extremely fun and highly forgiving medium of the erasable magnetic tablet — or tavoletta, as it’s been known in other places and times.

Alice gazes into her picture like Narcissus (Νάρκισσος) gazed into the pond and with equally mythic consequences.  It’s a great perplexing paradox of selfhood that we can be both observer and observed all in the quiet confines of our cerebral cortex — or more properly, in our minds — wonderful echo chamber and house of mirrors that it is.  One can hardly imagine a place where more optical and other illusions abound than within its walls.

Hold on for the ride — Life is quite a trip!

Pst — Hey!  Got Mice?

Alice!  Stay away from those koi!  (Sorry, but cat’s will be cats.)

[Top of the post:  Alice’s Self-Portrait by Aletha Kuschan]


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