If anyone recognizes what this is:  congratulations!  You might have a fine career ahead of you in psychology!

I made this drawing to obsessively reinterate an idea I’ve been working on — relative to a large mural sized painting whose subject I’m frankly at a loss to explain.  However, I’ve been around the art block enough times now to trust my instincts and to believe that a picture, whose meaning is baffling even to me, its author, may well hold ideas that can matter to the larger audience of my fellow human beings, 3 billion or so of my closest friends. (You gotta think big.)

It’s a tree.  I don’t know why I feel compelled to portray it this way, rather than to make it more conventionally tree-like.  But there it is.  And let me tell you, your subconscious mind is a fabulous, truly wonderful and remarkable thing!  I have stalled on this idea for well over a year, working on other things, and forgeting about this picture. 

However, last night as I was driving, I turned a corner and saw a large tractor trailer stopped at a light perpendicular to me at a street onto which I was making a right turn.  In the general darkness, as I turned, I noted the enormous shadow of a tree cast onto the side of the trailer.  Imagine that huge flat surface being like a canvas, here was the image I’ve wanted to portray in ridiculously large scale, here it was on the side of this truck as on a great, crazy moving canvas!  Sometimes you feel as though the great loving God and nature and your own mind are all meeting at the same intersection.   It’s a great shot in the arm, let me tell you!

Comments, explanations, psycho-analysis are all welcome.

[Top of the post:  the author’s small compositional drawing for a very large enigmatic painting.  By Aletha Kuschan]


2 thoughts on “Feeling Arboreal (finding the inner tree)

  1. It is quite an interesting painting. I see many different things there. To me it looks like a tree of life depicting different dimensions and movement in time. Two features that I find especially striking are two faces: upper right corner (in pink semi-ellipse that is a part of a spiral) and middle left (light blue quadrilateral).

    The right part of the painting looks like a koi pond with multiple layers. The lower layer depicts a pure clear pond with a small fish in it, but as we advance with time we see oil in the water and a big dead fish contrasted by beautiful lilies.

    On the left part of the painting I see evolution consisting of cells that gradually grow and advance to a hare. The change in time can be seen by alteration of environment: green land, desert, primitive soup of life, evolution ladder.

    Throughout the painting round and angular shapes are contrasted as if comparing emotion and reason. The crown of the tree is very interesting as well. Its dark part is sucking everything in itself. It represents humans. They consume the hare and the spirit of nature (see a green face with yellow eyes, big nose, and well-defined thin lips in the upper middle part of the picture). Some people realize what they have done and extend their arms (upper right part of the painting), trying to reach that pure pond of the past, but they can’t because it is too late.

  2. Wow. That’s amazing. I don’t know what to say. Wow. Did I put all that stuff in there?!

    Thank you, Kitsune, for kind and always surprising comments.

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