I must have a child’s deep instilled love of chain link fences and of hopping over one to play with my friends and to explore deep into Nature or sometimes to go undercover for the CIA investigating the neighbors!  (Whenever you see children creeping around neighbor’s homes, it’s a sure sign.  They’re spies.)

This fence has mathematics in it too.  Or so I’m told, which must mean I have mathematics inside me — though I’ll be darned if I can locate them.  This fence occupies the upper corner of a painting I have underway.  Its meaning is so far elusive.  It holds in or keeps out something.  Perhaps it guards my optimism.  Perhaps it defends against the trends of my era.  Inside its enclosure, birds sing brightly.  Along its wires a cicada climbs, seventeen-year-cycle visitor of insect Brigadoon lives eternally here.  Here flowers bloom by themselves without roots.

“Good fences make good neighbors,” said the poet.  This fence is also a fabric that holds one’s self together, a tapestry of beginningness.

[Top of the post: detail of a painting by Aletha Kuschan]

2 thoughts on “Fence around Paradise

  1. Hello, artist! You visited my blog and I came vistin’. I got that little nice shock of color from your tropical painting and said, yes, this is a nice place to be. Then, I read a few of your entries and laughed at your wondering where the math in you may be…but I love what you said about chain link fences and reminds me of a piece I did with one in it. Perhaps, I’ll dig through the hardrive to come up with it. Anyway, I like your words as well as your images. I’ll be back. Pat

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