We’re following the sun, the family and me.  I’ve traveled south and will be writing the next several days from North Carolina.  A change of situation helps a person discover new thoughts.  I’ll be a traveling correspondent from the South — not only from this particular region of Carolina (I’m in the Sandhills), but from a destination that is the Idea of South.

During the 19th century, the magical South of art was located in France, and artists retreated there to discover brilliant color.  Of course, when Van Gogh traveled South in search of inspiration, it represented his Japon.  It’s a good thing he lived before the advent of flight because you know that this whole business of Arles which is really Japon has got to be confusing to the travel agent.  Goodness knows where his luggage would have ended up!  (Meanwhile the only luggage I want to lose is worry and inhibition.  Let me be a bold artist!)

It’s high time we shifted the goal to the USA, and so I’ve come here to find magic and wonder.  This is my France and my Japon.  And my Polynesia, too.  From the Bora Bora of my thoughts, I salut you.  We’re raising the flag as I speak, claiming this territory for our particular exploration.

I will try to be footloose in thought, as well as in fact. Heliotropic artist, following the sun in search of energy and ideas.

[Top of the post:  Sunflower, colored pencil, by Aletha Kuschan]

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