Once upon a time, long long ago, Smithsonian magazine did a story on the Chinese soldier statues that were being unearthed near the ancient capital of Xi’an.  Based on a photograph in the magazine I sculpted this soldier torso in clay.  It’s never been baked and sits atop this dresser where it’s sat undisturbed for about 25 years.

Over the years it has attracted a number of friends, some of whom are visible in the photograph — including a wooden duck, that stands guard over it.

[Top of the post:  Dresser top of Curio Objects, photography by Aletha Kuschan, sculpture of Chinese soldier by Aletha Kuschan]

2 thoughts on “Cabinet of Curiosities, More Curiosities

  1. There are rabbits guarding the warrior too. The duck is so close & this photo so dark, he may not be easy to see. (But he’s there. Attack duck.)
    Thanks for your comment!

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