I’m very happy to announce that one of my honey jar paintings appears on the cover of the summer issue of Edible Chesapeake magazine, soon to be hitting the stands all around the Chesapeake region.

Edible Chesapeake is a quarterly publication that celebrates the abundance of local and seasonal foods in the Chesapeake watershed. The magazine celebrates family farmers, fishermen, food artisans, chefs, and other food-related businesses, as well as the consumers, home cooks and restaurant-goers who support them.

Both the publication and its web site contribute to the growing national movement throughout the United States that is encouraging people to eat more locally-grown and locally-produced foods. By eating locally, consumers help sustain the small family farms that grow these foods, and everyone gets to enjoy food that is fresher, tastier and healthier for us. Furthermore we help reduce the cost to the environment and our pocketbooks of transporting foods over long distances.

UPDATE:  You can find Renee Catacalos (formerly the publisher of Edible Chesapeake) writing here!

[Top of the post:  Summer cover of Edible Chesapeake magazine with Honey Jars painting by Aletha Kuschan.  Photograph:  Aaron Springer, courtesy of Edible Chesapeake magazine] 



5 thoughts on “Edible Chesapeake

  1. Excellent and congrats. I have been forcing my parents to eat more locally grown food! It’s a lot healthier than that over processed stuff they sell i stores! It just feels good buying from people who really care about what they eat. DO you buy local food?

  2. Thanks for the congrats. Glad to hear you’re influencing your parents in good ways! I do eat local foods, including those growing in the family garden. Of course, local for me is Maryland’s farmers’ markets. I’m also a great believer in local art. So let the neighbors know you’re making pictures!

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