Picasso was quoted as saying, “I don’t find, I steal.”  Well, I figured if he was stealing, I should too.  Right?

I like to copy the works of artists I admire, from time to time.  I made this copy of Picasso’s portrait of his companion Jacqueline Roque from a little photo I found in a book.  The way that he has turned her features into a design while preserving a likeness was something I found fascinating.  So I copied it.

I think that copying works by other artists is kind of like humming a tune you like.

[Top of the post:  Copy of Picasso’s Portrait of Jacqueline Roque, by Aletha Kuschan, acrylic on canvas]


2 thoughts on “Stealing from Picasso

  1. Yes, coping art you like is a good exercise because it might reveal something that you were unable to detect with your eyes.

    Some people accuse others that their style is just artist x or y, but I find that it is not just a copy. No two artists are exactly alike. Even if both have very similar styles, it does not mean that one just copied off the other. I believe it just means that their personalities, perception, and cognition are alike.

  2. Yes, it’s very complex really, isn’t it. One copies what one notices in the original and that right there makes it an interpretation since one misses some things for not seeing them, or not seeing them in the same ways.

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