I love summer.  Some people complain about the heat.  Not me.  I complain about people who complain about the heat.  I love the heat.  I bask in the heat like a turtle.  I’m not talking about getting a suntan, mind you.  That’s bad for your health.  I’m talking about a sitting in deep shade, sweat still pouring off me, sweltering in the 90% humidity and loving it kind of appreciation of summer.  I’ll admit: a breeze can be good too.

So, I love to paint summer pictures.  I’m not the only one enjoying humidity.  Plants love humidity, and they grow like crazy, and I like to see them grow.  When summer gets really maniac with stuff growing everywhere, I’m in heaven.

I love the round, billowing forms of folliage on trees.  I love fonds of grass, the scribbly texture of weeds growing with abandon.  I love the texture, the layers, the depths, the color, and the long hours of daylight.  Consequently I enjoy painting images like the one above, summers of fact, and summers of imagination.

[Top of the post:  Crepe Myrtles in August, by Aletha Kuschan, acrylic on canvas]

5 thoughts on “Vertical Flowers

  1. We share a love of summer. We also seem to share a love of art..eh? 🙂
    I like the beautiful colors in your pieces..and I like your diversity (another thing we seem to have in common).

    I read some of your past posts, and I enjoyed reading them..I like your work, and your words!

    Good and creative energies to you!

  2. Thank you for the kind words. Regarding diversity, I love all kinds of art, and like to try lots of things, which makes for variety in the pictures. I’m glad you like it.

    Glad you’re finding the blog enjoyable.

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