As you can see she like’s it with hotsauce. Fish, of course, is the main course.  Alice has very nice decor, wouldn’t you agree?  Hmm, got milk?

[Top of the post:  Alice’s Table, by the kid]


2 thoughts on “Alice’s Mouse

  1. Is Alice, like, a theme to your art? That’s nice :D. I see this name everywhere on you posts, but I don’t totally get what it means.

    Thanks for leaving comments!
    No, sadly, none of those are my rooms, but I was inspired to look for them since I am moving into a new house, and I’m looking for room ideas. I’ve got two years until I go to college, but I might as well enjoy my space while I’m here, right?

    I could art all over paper at a non-home location. It would be nice. I’ve got a few things to worry about. Gotta watch my video game obsessed little brother, don’t have paints or any skills with water colours, and I hate colouring anything. All my paper drawings end up as sketches and sharpie-on-canvas type things. Annoying really, but even so, I have no desire to expand this one pass-time and perhaps talent of mine. I’ve just got the mind of an artist, about always wanting perfection, and never reaching it. If I take out an old sketch, I’ll see things I want to edit or erase, I may even start over, and then immediately regret it.
    But, I’d guess that’s the same for you, too? You seem mad valid as an artist. :]

  2. Alice the Cat began as a story I told to amuse my daughter and has grown into a kind of alter-ego. I use Alice as a theme here. She pops in occasionally, and judging by my stats she is well received.
    Art can be a wonderful pasttime (Winston Churchill thought so) and whatever form it takes, if it pleases you and challenges your desire for perfection and teaches you (and helps you avoid too many video games), all those sound like good outcomes.
    Must say I’m relieved to know that none of those rooms are yours. My daughter will be your age before I know it and they contain a bit more decor than I can handle!
    In answer to your question, I do seek a kind of perfection in art. But perhaps it’s a matter of getting older … I also find great joy in just making images and I have learned to sometimes live inside that delight, seeking neither perfection nor anything else but just a glimpse into the image before me.
    Art changes roles in your life over time. You’re just starting out in life, so who knows where it will lead you.
    Thank you for your comment.

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