6 thoughts on “Contour of the Sea Shell

  1. I think it is not an accident that the top of the shell looks like a tree 😉

    I really like sea shells because they exemplify both complexity and unity, just like sunflowers 🙂

  2. One smiley face is smiling and is the other winking? This would not be like George’s “wink” (from the grapefruit juice in “Seinfeld”) would it?
    Perhaps my drawing the shell in that tree-like way is related to a broader interest in tree symbolism? Tree of life …
    In any case, the exemplification of complexity and unity, well, obviously, you gotta love that ….

  3. Hi Aletha,
    I wanted to comment on your seashell and when I actually took time to do it you already had so many more beautiful fishes, blue stream, collages to offer! Do you sleep?
    This seashell is my favorite one, the line is perfect.
    Well detailed at the top and vanishing in the air. Quelle ligne!

  4. Bénédicte
    What a sweet thing to say! I do sleep, but I do also dearly love to work. Nevertheless, many of the drawings I post are old ones. When it comes to publishing new work, I’m in a bind because some pictures I work on take forever! But drawing is a good source for images for frequent posts because some drawings come about very quickly. Also, collage is a wonderful, quick and easy free-for-all medium and a great source of invention and trying out of ideas.
    This shell is something I drew fairly quickly, but I have redrawn this same subject many time over thirty years — really in the spirit of Degas’s remark that I like to quote here (il faut refaire la meme choses dix fois, cents fois). So I suppose I know it well and also I feel a great freedom toward it.
    A visual person has more knowledge of images inside than he or she is at first aware (I think). If one unstops the hesitations and barriers of doubt and just lets oneself draw, then some of this knowledge can escape. While it’s true that someone like Ingres or Degas has more native, visual ability than the average person, even an average artist can do amazing things when a certain laissez-aller spirit is invoked.
    I am learning to get out of my own way and “just” draw — rather like a bird sings. Birds, one suspects, do not worry themselves at all about the virtuoso! So they just sing and their song is quite good. And when we just draw, we come rather near to that, and it can unlease some abilities that we had ourselves kept in check!

    Merci, encore une fois!


  5. This is so true,
    I am just discovering the pleasure of re-re-re drawing the same subject and like you say “just draw”
    alors, dessinons!

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