When I found a blue compotier at a second hand store I felt as though perhaps I might bump into Bonnard in the next aisle.  It’s not often that buying glassware feels like fate, but then most people buy a compotier to use rather than to paint.

While I am doing koi pictures, I post other things and this image is another where I discover that the subject matter has elements in common with the fish I paint now.  The cloth on this table is one that I’ve loved ever since I first saw it, and it reappears time and again in my pictures.  Perhaps it is not odd then that its big roses spiral in waves of floral pattern like my koi in the water.  My koi are roses swimming in water.  And my roses are koi dancing across a table cloth.

Sometimes it seems that one repaints the same picture over and over in many disguises.

[Top of the post:  Floral Still life, by Aletha Kuschan, oil on paper]

4 thoughts on “My Compotier

  1. I enjoyed all of your latest work and words!
    This is a lovely piece..I can see why the table cloth reappears! I buy things to paint too.

    Seems last week was one of roses..we have a connection there…among others I think. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your world.

  2. Gypsy-heart, thank you for your kind remarks. Yes, we buy stuff to paint and doesn’t it seem sometimes like the stuff was just sitting there waiting for us to arrive! Aletha

  3. Kenneth,
    Apropos, “I was forced to go on a beach trip with my family for a week.” Forced!? Hope you are having a fun time. (Wonder how I could get my family to force me to go to the beach??? Hmm … will have to think of something!
    Thank you for your kind remark.

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