With further research, I find that the Monet Sunflowers lives at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.  It is cropped in the image I used in the earlier post.  Click on the word “Sunflowers” in the previous sentence to see what the Met has to say about the painting, as well as to see a full image of it.  Meanwhile, I found this sketch after the painting by Karen Wall Garrison at her website.  She made the drawing after visiting the Met.

Ms. Garrison says of copying (in regard to a different picture, but the principle holds): “As I often like to do at museums, I stood in front of the painting … and sketched it. Not so much to make an accurate rendering, but to anchor into my memory the details.” [My emphasis.] 

All the drawing one does might be so described.  We “anchor” the images of things into our minds.  What an eloquent expression.  It goes to the very heart of why one paints at all.  We are grasping directly at aspects of life when painting, anchoring ourselves into the life we are living.

[Top of the post:  Drawing after Monet’s Sunflowers, by Karen Wall Garrison.]

2 thoughts on “Copying Monet

  1. What a pleasant surprise to find my sketch on your blog! I am now inspired to complete the drawing… may I sent it to you when it is finished? Thank you for mentioning me and my site in your blog!
    Warm regards,
    Karen Wall Garrison

  2. I’d love to post the drawing when it’s finished too. I’m sure readers would enjoy the before and after views. Meanwhile your remark about “anchoring” the image into your memory. That’s super.


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