Would that I’d had a model, but I couldn’t afford to hire someone.  So, I became my own model for hands too.  I sometimes used a mirror and sometimes photographs.  Regarding these drawings, I don’t post them as exemplary of good drawing, but as instances of everyday ideas being tried like scales and riffs on an instrument.  They were casually and quickly made.  And they, too, offered me freedom.

I was painting a commission, the kind of thing that pays bills.  But in the studies, I could explore ideas.

[Top of the post:  My hands, by Aletha Kuschan, pencil]


6 thoughts on “I Drew My Hands, Too

  1. I like these hands 🙂

    Hands are a fascinating part of human body. It not easy to draw hands, but they can be very expressive and telling, just like a face of a person.

    I had this image in my head for over a year that I wanted to draw, but hesitated or didn’t have time to do it. I wanted to draw hands of one man after I heard his life story.

    PS I’ve been quite busy lately and couldn’t find time to read your blog, but I’ll go through all the new posts you written eventually!

  2. Kitsune, How nice to see you again. Hands are difficult to draw, and I used to be very intimidated by them, but lots of things are hard to draw. I think that because we are so accustomed to looking at hands, because we know them so well — don’t they play such an important role in our being able to understand other people, in regard to body language and so forth? — so we see the “mistakes” more readily than we would see them in other subjects. We are, after all, kind of hard wired to notice hands and what they mean.

    The shell I drew is also very complex, and my drawings while they appear “realistic” do not correctly interpret every nub and hollow of the shell. But no one notices. I got the big relationships down. With hands, we are more apt to notice. All that it means is that we should cut ourselves a bit more slack when we draw. Let “mistakes” stand and move forward and keep drawing. But in fact the hands are only as difficult as other difficult subjects!

    How lovely to contemplate drawing someone’s hands as a form of portraiture after hearing his life story.

    I hope you get some free time to attempt the drawings. You might begin by drawing your own hands first since you have an easier time scheduling a meeting with your model that way, and also yours is a life story that you not only already know but which you continue to live out! And, no doubt, an interesting life story too!

    Best, Aletha

  3. “il faut dessiner sans cesse pour avoir toujours à sa disposition un répertoire de formes”

    En lisant cette phrase de Bonnard j’ai pensé a vos dessins des mains et des chaussures mais aussi a la petite discussion sur l’auto-didacte.

    Il y a aussi celle-ci, toujours de Bonnard” que je trouve trés a propos:
    “L’intelligence est necessaire à l’artiste pour guider son instinct.
    Mais entre l’intelligence et l’instinct, c’est l’instinct qui doit primer”

    Et je pense aussi que Vincent aurait aimé bloguer, communiquer, échanger…

  4. “Avoir a sa disposition un repetoire de formes” me rappelle quelle que choses disait par Durer. “That which the heart has secretly gathered is made public in the work of art: drawn from the heart, he gives them form.” Je le cite par coeur. Je ne sais ou j’ai lit ce traduction. J’ai devants moi une autre traduction, mois claire. Il deveint d’un treatise sur l’art par Durer.
    On practique l’art et d’apres plusieres jours l’instinct et l’intelligence artistique sont devenues une chose.

  5. Hey, just wanted to let you know someone on Facebook is posting your drawing, and many others, including mine, pretending they’re made by him. Not sure if I am allowed to post links here, buy you can search for him on FB: Octavian Alexandru Chindris

  6. I’m not able to see that person’s page so evidently he’s only mis-representing himself in his own network. (A general search of the name that I’ve done doesn’t bring up any images of my drawing. So I assume that it’s only on the fb page that he’s using it.) Thank you, vevalentin, for the information.

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