I made this drawing after Ingres’s portrait of his wife.  One finds quite a bit of distortion in Ingres’s images, and his portrait of his wife, though it seems so “realistic,” is no exception.  Her arms are very strange.  One hand folds under her arm and morphs into the most amazing shape.  And the arm she leans on is very hefty.  And these qualities must have really captivated me because I exaggerated them further though not intentionally.  I was trying to make a faithful copy.  I was completely caught up in the image.  I let proportion fly out the window — which is a good thing to do sometimes.  What the heck.  Just let yourself go.

As a consequence, I’d advise you not to mess with my Mrs. Ingres.  She’s got a wicked right hook.  Believe me.  She may look sweet, but don’t cross her.

[Top of the post:  Drawing after Ingres’s portrait of his wife, Delphine Ramel, 1859, by Aletha Kuschan]


2 thoughts on “My Ingres’s Wife and What the Heck

  1. It is nice to see this drawing of the Ingres at the Met. I have moved away from the great city but remember the painting well.
    Yeah, that is a wicked right paw. I can imagine it squeezed around his neck from time to time.

  2. Thank you, Fred Bell, for your comment at this post and at “the refrigerator” also. As to the latter, it does keep beer cold — so, you see, it has beauty and utility. Really quite a bargain.
    Meanwhile, I’m glad Mrs. Ingres brought back some memories of your former days in the great city.

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