The folds of the cloth in the previous post have become a true mountain here.  You could almost just invent a landscape from start to finish by laying out some heavy cloth on a table, letting it pile into a crest, watching the daylight from a near by window carve out its fissures and cliffs while changing the colors a little to something stony and grey.

The forms of nature bear resemblances that are more than just skin deep.  In the mountain as well as the drapery, what the artist really draws is gravity and light!

[Top of the post:  Mountain of Imagination, by Aletha Kuschan]


4 thoughts on “A Real Mountain

  1. Bonjour Benedicte,
    Merci pour les mots gentils. Je continue a Caroline du Nord. Il fait beau ici. Beau et tranquil. L’arrondissement est petit. Partout on voit des pins. La lune entre les pins, c’est le “Carolina Moon.” Tres joli.

  2. merci Aletha, les fins de mois, avec ces dessins qui arrivent sont comme Noel en developpant les cadeaux.
    Bonne fin de sejour en Caroline,
    enjoy the Carolina moon,

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