4 thoughts on “The blank face of the one who rises

  1. Wonderful all these posts in a row. It’s like being there watching over your shoulder (Oh I just that might sound a bit spooky, just a turn of phrase.) I didn’t realise they were so big. Your love and affecton for the little fishyfish in infectious through the drawings and the words. Art inspires a sense of community by inspiring emotions in the observor which are shared by others and by the artist. You are such a wonderful artist not just in the technical aspects of the drawing but in your joyous spirit and intelligence which are easy to feel in your blog. I like the idea in this post, the kind of holographic universe each smaller part reflecting the whole, I think it may be one of the keys to the concept of artistic unity which can also be seen as a spiritual truth. Hope you a fantabulous day full of calm smiles and soft textures.

  2. I’m glad you’re enjoying both images and text, coming from a writer that is really wonderful praise. I guess one thing I’d like to accomplish with the blog, besides promoting my painting of course, is to help show ways for people to talk about art and to better relate it to their lives.

    I’ve observed that sometimes people are reluctant to venture their opinions about art — as though one needs special credentials. But art is about life. Whenever people seek out the authentic connections they feel toward art and the visual world, the ways that it relates back to meaning in their own lives, then they get more out of art and they also (one hopes) gain further insight into their lives.

    And that’s the ultimate goal, isn’t it? Insight into one’s own life. One’s connection to the great “everything.”

    Hope your day has been wonderful too. Thank you.

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