When I walk around the easel and look at the still life from the other side, it looks like this.  I think this is such a pretty view.  Sometimes it’s hard not to jump at doing this view right now.  But I have to finish the other one first.

And, you never know.  The fish might start to beckon again.

Fish?  Flowers?  Fish?  Flowers?  It’s tough!


Flowers still “growing”

I tried to post this yesterday and wordpress wouldn’t let me (bit of a snafu).  And today I have tried a couple times to load some new photos to my computer and my Kodak Easy Share ain’t sharing.  This is what happens when technology rebells.

Anyway, this drawing is 30 x 48 inches so it gives me plenty to do.  I have some photographs of the still life, too, taken from different angles — helps me get ideas for other versions of the same motif.  Degas counseled the artist to “redo the same thing ten times, a hundred times,” and he thought you should look at the same motif from different angles.  Since I’m working in a pastel-like medium, his advice comes readily to mind.

This drawing is made with Caran d’ache water soluable crayons on Canson paper.  I’ve got a lot of quickly and vigorously drawn green lines down there at the bottom.  But I’m trying to work them into a dense Degas hatching mix.  More on that later.

If I can get my computer to cooperate! (Never let a PC see you sweat.)