When I walk around the easel and look at the still life from the other side, it looks like this.  I think this is such a pretty view.  Sometimes it’s hard not to jump at doing this view right now.  But I have to finish the other one first.

And, you never know.  The fish might start to beckon again.

Fish?  Flowers?  Fish?  Flowers?  It’s tough!

4 thoughts on “Alternatives

  1. beautiful setting, on both sides,
    le choix des tissus, couleurs et bien sur les fleurs…humm! tres beau, j’attends le final avec impatience.
    Je continue de penser a la discussion sur l’art, et votre réponse.
    Il me faut du temps pour exprimer en mot ce que je ressens.

  2. Et moi, j’attends vos pensées! Votre question est tres profond.

    Les couleurs de la nature morte — j’avais besoin de quelque choses verte. Trop de bleu avec les poissons et l’eau!

    Your question really is a very deep, wonderful question. So, you won’t be alone in thinking about it more!

  3. wrjones,

    Thank you, wrjones. I just now remember that I got the vase in Southern Pines, North Carolina and the green flowered cloth in a gift shop of one of the Smithsonian museums in Washington DC, and the other brilliant green cloth in a Joanne Fabrics that caters to a southeast Asian audience in my region. So just now I realize that the stuff comes from different places and times in my life, which I hadn’t thought about before.

    The different angle of light makes it so completely different from the other view — even the colors are quite different.

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