Back in May, I posted a still life I made many years ago of a cabbage and potatoes.  This drawing is its distant cousin. 

I drew this from a photograph, and like the lake of two posts ago, I find it provides a good practice for some drawing outdoors that I’m hoping to do — en plein air.  But it also has the same basic forms as the earlier still life.  Indeed, I was thinking of getting some potatoes and inventing a landscape from a still life perhaps?

One of the wonderful things about drawing is the way it lets you take imaginative journies.  I can vicariously visit the rocky outcropping by drawing it from a photo.  And I can travel there even with some potatoes too?  I don’t necessarily need a travel agent to find a locale that’s very bucolic and peaceful where I can bask in the warmth of the sun.


4 thoughts on “Rocks and Potatoes

  1. Not a bad idea. Use the potoatoes for landscape rocks. You could put them in your tub and have a lake with rocky shores. If the painting is not going that well you can fry them and enjoy with a beer in front of the tv.

    I think you should go outside and suffer like Lisa.

  2. God bless you wrjones! I should go out and suffer. Actually I did go outdoors and suffer a little the other day. Got to post that one. But it involved only a little suffering.

    Still, you have to admit the advantages of frying and eating the landscape afterwards!


  3. Aletha – I would love to paint and eat with you.

    By the way, it is Novemember now – time for another piece. I say we paint a turkey – it will go very nicely with the mashed potatoes.

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