Evolutionary change would work from older to younger, from depths out of a cave and into the light.  Five times, still — do nothing.  Stay home.

Warm light, be still, do nothing anchored in the middle of a great lake as old as time itself — timelessly still like an eye that can see what is real, can choose what is true from what is false.  Rich in wisdom.  Kind in age.  I felt that the earth is good as it is.  That no change could make this crystaline moment any more perfect and full and ripe and good.

In the fall of my youth, a ripe aged autumn.  I chose. Change your voice, I chose.

Not as before, but as of old.

As old as old.

5 thoughts on “Reflection and Epiphany

  1. Trés beau, un lac intemporel que je garde et regarde dans ma mémoire.

    my 2nd question: what are you using?
    It looks like pastel and water colour and ink.

  2. Paul,

    You are so right. But I just don’t want to think about change in this picture. I want changelessness, timelessness. I want eternity and identity. I want sameness and safety. Quiet. An anchor. A safe harbor. A true center.

    I want a poetry of stillness.


  3. Benedicte,

    I have been thinking of you as I look over another issue of J’aime Lire. I am like a French child!

    Please continue writing en francais even if I must sometimes, en depechant, reply in English or en franglais!

    I am getting better! Sort of! I’m also looking at Marie Claire Maison and was just wondering to myself, “what magazine would Benedicte recommend?”

    What’s good that I could be reading, with LOTS of pictures as aides memoires!

    The medium, c’est Caran D’ache craies de couleur solubles a l’eau also called “Neocolor II.”

    I used Nideggen paper as it happened, which is a warm and light brown paper with a lovely texture. Canson pastel paper is also a wonderful surface for these. Because they are soluble a l’eau, they can be used like watercolor or like pastel, or in combination of techniques. They are very rich and solid pigments.

    But the drawing has to be protected from moisture, obviously. Or a big oopsie will result!

    A bientot,


  4. Bonjour Aletha,

    parfait, en français maintenant!

    merci pour les renseignements, je ne connais pas ces craies de couleurs Caran D’Ache ni le papier Nideggen. J’ai des crayons de couleurs, solubles a l’eau, interessant mais pas des couleurs aussi profondes et vives a mon gout. A mon prochain tour dans un magasin d’art je vais regarder.

    Je n’achète des magazines que rarement, quand je prends l’avion ou le train…et je prends mon temps pour choisir! J’ai bien peur de ne pas être un bon guide dans ce domaine.
    J’aime cuisiner et il y a toujours un nouveau magazine de cuisine et gastronomie qui m’attire avec de belles photos puisque c’est un peu un sport français, donc je ne peux pas suggerer un titre puisque j’y vais au hazard.
    Geo est interessant, belles photos et reportages interessant, http://www.geo.fr/, surtout si le reportage est sur un pays ou on rêve d’aller.
    Madame Figaro, http://madame.lefigaro.fr/ , un peu de tout.
    Je vais regarder dans un kiosque a journeaux voir si je trouve des suggestions interessantes.
    a bientot

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