I work in fits and starts, and recent weeks have been busy with distractions — some of them quite removed from painting and art.  (Unless you consider helping a child make a Halloween costume art!)  But I did get away for a few hours to make a drawing straight from nature — on a lovely autumn afternoon as the guest of this welcoming tree.  You can compare the drawing with a photograph below.


I think it’d be fun to draw it from the photo, too.  And I may do so.

Or I might not.  I find that I’m often capricious when it comes to making plans.  I’ll call that artistic license!

3 thoughts on “Working in fits and starts

  1. wrjones,

    One thing I love about the crayons is that they can tempt you to use color in different sorts of ways, while at the same time it is still possible to get very naturalistic color in pictures, if one wants to– though one has to work rather assiduously at it, and even sometimes go about it in rather back-handed ways.

    Thanks for your kind remarks.


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