A Cup of Space-time


Fans of the great French painter Paul Cezanne, as well as fans of the old television series Star Trek, know what happens to your stuff when it encounters a spatial anomaly.  Well, I’m happy to report that the space-time continuum at my place is doing just fine, thank you.  Nevertheless, a little distortion never hurt anyone, and I happened to get really very interested in the interior space of my empty coffee mug.

So, I really went in there and took a look around.

A couple posts ago I was writing about the joys of letting your mind be free to wander visually around, to let your eyes make unfettered discovery of the perceptual wonders that your mind finds enchanting — and proportion be damned. 

See, I practice what I preach!

(Oh, by the way, I drank the coffee.)
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The Anonymous Marmalade Jar


Some lines in the cloth behind the marmalade jar make the whole composition look akimbo, turning my jam jar into a rhyme or metaphor for a famous leaning tower somewhere across the pond perhaps ….

I have painted this favorite jar before and let the manufacturer’s name appear, which is a fun if somewhat exacting bit of painting.  But today my jar is rendered anonymous and exists as art for art’s sake — or perhaps as marmalade for marmalade’s sake (?).

I mooshed the crayons down into the paper so forcefully (mooshed, for those of you who don’t know is a technical term … ahem) that the crayon is impastoed.  These wax crayons (Caran d’Ache Neopastels) are the next best thing to paint.
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Teapot’s encore


I was thinking about how I used to  get so lost in looking at objects when I first started drawing, many years ago in my youth.  I did not then always start in a logical place.  Sometimes I just started with the first sensation of color or line that caught my attention. 

Sometimes my drawings were way out of proportion when I did not consider the whole object but instead fastened my gaze on one part — and then jumped to the next part that caught my notice — and then the next — and so on, like a grasshopper holding a crayon.

I was thinking this morning how delightful it would be to draw that way again.  To go where delight leads and let the lines fall where they may.

Naturally with my teapot sitting right there, it became the star of my rejuvenated experiment.
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