We spent lots of our holiday drawing, my ten-year-old (soon to be eleven-year-old) art assistant and I, but the cloud cover always seems to thicken whenever anyone reaches for a camera so I’ll have to keep you in suspense a while longer regarding our results. 

Meanwhile, I rearranged the studio today — always a heady experience as I realize that I’ve misplaced half the items I own and find myself becoming reacquainted with them in the shift and bustle.  Greetings! There you are!  Where’ve you been?  Whatever possessed me to put you there? But reunited now ….

In preparation for new still lifes I have been planning, I shifted stuff around once more, finding old things, no doubt losing new items by disturbing their places.  But I have accomplished my goal: I have two flower still lifes set up for work.

I have been dreaming about these pictures, imagining them in my head, contemplating the meanings of flowers.  Finally I can stop dreaming now and begin working.

4 thoughts on “Flowers of the New

  1. GGW Bach,
    And you have an interesting site! And your avatar suggests that you agree with me in believing that Bach was the first jazz musician?

    Thanks for your kind words,

  2. Come help me clean up my studio now that you have practice.

    This piece has a Van Gogh brushwork quality to it.

    Waiting to see all your new work for 2009.

  3. Bill,
    I left my eloquent answer elsewhere. Meanwhile, you should not demur. You are absolutely perfect. Like your clouds.

    AK (Oh, about the studio, you’re asleep. Time to wake up!)

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