Thoughts in Miniature


I will make many such little drawings while I work on my painting of flowers.  I posted an earlier one already.  Such drawings are made after the manner of  a person muttering to herself; they are my haphazard thoughts made in idle moments.  When I take a break and relax in my chair — or while I talk on the phone — I begin remembering my painting.  These sketches are my memories. 

These pen gestures each reveal subtle differences  in feeling about what the picture is “supposed” to be — what I think it is — in the effervescent moment.


à la Matisse


I have blocked-in the flowers of my 36 x 48 inch canvas in a rudimentary way.  It has a “Matisse à Nice” kind of feeling in this early stage of painting.  Everything is thinly painted.  Everything is just “there” enough to suggest the composition as a whole, and yet I have lots of room in which to wiggle.

This is a wonderful stage for a painting — where there is a chance for firmness in the initial drawing and yet still so much opportunity to dream.