5 thoughts on “Not Waiting By the Phone

  1. Wonderful ! the sketch, the words, the thoughts, … you can still reach you Dad in your souvenirs, non ?

  2. chère Aletha,

    j’aime cette chaise ancienne avec ce téléphone. cette atmosphère douce.

    J’ai envie de m’y installer pour bavarder avec mon père qui est partie depuis beaucoup d’années et qui me manque toujours autant.
    Je pense à vous, et à votre famille.

  3. Kind readers,

    Thanks for your thoughtful remarks. It’s an interesting thing about art — about making art — that it teaches you things about your life. When I was drawing my Dad’s chair, I put the telephone in the picture — I thought — just because it happened to be sitting there. But later looking at the finished drawing, I discovered much more. I was drawing his absent place. That chair was so particularly his chair because in his slow and creaky old age he wanted to be near the phone whenever it rang.

    Ah, the lesson thus is this: if you want to understand your life, draw!


  4. C’est tellement vrai et évident, et pourtant on ne le voit pas toujours.
    yes, draw, draw draw!

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