Yellow Snow


In the previous post I complained about the Carolina snowfall that has intruded upon my travel plans.  I had contemplated the possibility of making a picture of the snow  à la Monet, but gosh darn it, even looking at the stuff from the window makes me cold.  Then I fell upon this very modern idea.  And it’s partly a tribute to my Ellsworth Kelly fans since it’s just a rectangle filled with one color, and I know they like that sort of thing.  Yet, it has meaning too for those who still want a little narrative in their art.  Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you with my latest work: “Yellow Snow.”

It’s certainly faster and easier to do this Ellsworth Kelly inspired art, I gotta tell you.  Think how much more trouble it would be to follow Monet’s example (below from the Musée d’Orsay, Paris), to say nothing of how it might freeze my delicate toes.


Still I am very grateful to how the Ellsworth Kelly folks boost my stats.  Thank you!

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Not Tropical


As I write I’m in North Carolina. As some regular readers know, I travel to North Carolina fairly often. I was supposed to be returning home today. However, Mother Nature (whose caprices must always be respected — especially by artists) had other plans. As you might know, the Carolinas got a bit of snow last night. While it’s a pittance by Northern standards, snow like this can make for some really dangerous travel in the south. So, whether I like the song or not, I’m trying to sing “let it snow, let it snow, let it snow,” though I really wish it would stop!
Okay, putting on the thinking cap here…. I suppose I could do the Monet thing and try drawing it. (Don’t have the paint box with me.) But I’m not going out there into the cold and freezing my feet. If I draw snow, it’ll be from the comfort of the window seat while I’m sipping my hot tea. Granted, Monet’s paintings of snow taken directly before the cold motif are some of the most magnificient and charming pictures. But I am not going to stand outside and be cold. Not doing it.

I’d really rather be drawing sunflowers.