Hazards?  Well, here’s one.  You tell the whole world (or a largish audience anyway) that you’re working on such and such.  And then you get lazy and don’t work on such and such for just the longest time.  (My big still life of flowers berates me daily for my neglect.) 

Benefits?  Well, I’ve participated in some “drawing challenges,” and they can be really fun.  You join a group endeavor.  Others spur you on.  Everybody is trying to encourage each other.  And all that. 

Lately I’ve been drawing horses for another blog.  Each month someone suggests a different image.  This month it was horses which happens to be a favorite subject for me.  Mind you, I don’t know anything about horses and rarely ever get anywhere near one.  Alas!  But I have some toy horses that are reasonably good approximations of the real thing.  So I draw the toys.  

I love it!  This one above is not a new drawing.  But I post it now to cover my laziness!

4 thoughts on “Benefits & Hazards of Blogging

  1. I agree, that’s the real benefit to blogging. It does open you up to new challenges. I’ve been noticing a lot more blogs devoted to promoting challenges. It’s a wonderful way to stretch yourself and to see all the different ways people interpret the subject.

    Which blog offers that monthly challenge you mentioned? I would love to check it out.

  2. Hello Aletha
    je pensais que vous etiez entouré de prairies avec des chevaux…les jouets plus vrai que nature,
    tres beau dessin et tres bonne idée.
    Laziness? non, c’est recharger les batteries, on en a tous besoin de temps en temps

  3. genxster,

    One of the challenges is Old Master Copy Project [] and another is Benedicte’s (see above) Il Studio [] and Danny Gregory fans have challenges that you can find by searching on his name. Aletha

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