I’m in mountain mode.  Inspired by a topic created at Bénédicte’s blog, I have been thinking about mountains and how to portray them.  They have been a favorite subject of mine before, and it’s fun to come at them again. 

I decided to begin by making a little pochade after Cezanne’s famous Mont Ste Victoire.

Meanwhile, others have had their minds on mountains too.  Actually, I think these are supposed to be “towers,” in some cases even radio towers?  But towers and mountains do have much in common, so the drawings by children at my kid’s school help me think how I might paint this subject.  Here’s one sample:



6 thoughts on “Cezanne’s Mountain and its Imitators

  1. bonjour Aletha, la vue du mont Sainte Victoire réchauffe le coeur.
    tres belles montagnes, ou tours, ou fusées.
    Les dessins d’enfants sont une inspiration a la sincérité,
    rendez-vous a la fin du mois pour admirer les montagnes.

  2. je viens de realiser que le pic de dimanche dans mes stats viens de votre post! merci (en retard!) d’avoir mentionné mon blog.

  3. bonjour Benedicte, I love the children’s mountains/towers too. They have such a spirit of adventure. And I’m glad to mention your blog. J’aime les chats! Aletha

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    Keep up the good work!


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