In the previous post, I displayed the whole drawing of which this is a detail.  I like to look closely into my own drawings.  I like seeing stuff enlarged.  All the small lines of thought fascinate me.  It’s a good way to think deeper into what your doing.  All the hatchings, all the little smudges … isn’t life like this?  All fuzzy with texture.

This isn’t a self-portrait.  It’s a detail of a drawing I made after a Raphael portrait.  However, I do pout like this sometimes when I don’t get my way.


2 thoughts on “Look Into My Eyes

  1. I love looking at drawings like this and trying to figure out what they are thinking or feeling. The asymettry of her eyes makes her look mischevious, yes a bit pouty but pouty with a sense of fun too. An almost smile she is trying to hide. I reckon she would be giggling behind her hand in about two minutes.

  2. Paul

    I like looking up close at things — to see the lines and what the abstraction of a picture reveals quietly about it. I’m wondering if it’s like tasting the syllables of words. Why does a certain sound attach to a particular idea? And why not enjoy every sound, every pause, all the music of thought?


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