Can You Guess What This Is?


I’m not giving any hints.  None.  Nadda.  I’m being very coy.  You’ll have to figure it out all by yourself.  Don’t bother begging me for clues.  There will be none.  So, don’t waste your time making waves. 

What you see is what you get.  (I’m just curious what you see ….)


A Smoother Blue in the Skies


I posted this painting earlier in its first “pochade” state.  I’m continuing to work on it.  Thought it would be interesting to smooth it out.  I have decided to follow Corot’s tracks for a while — Camille Corot, the great mid-19th century French painter. 

Even though I’m working from a photograph, I don’t know exactly where the painting is going since one makes little changes.  After enough little changes, one has a lot of changes!

I’m working from someone’s photo now ( just as the old masters painted landscapes in their studios) and its being someone else’s photo explains  why I must change the image — since I’m loath to steal another person’s clouds.  And once the weather warms up, I’ll be doing some landscape outdoors.  But I only work outdoors when Mother Nature presents me with a perfect day.  I don’t like to get my toes cold or my brow all sweaty.  That’s why we’ve got windows.

Okay, just kidding.  Every day that Mother Natures presents IS a perfect day.  (She made me say that.)