I posted this painting earlier in its first “pochade” state.  I’m continuing to work on it.  Thought it would be interesting to smooth it out.  I have decided to follow Corot’s tracks for a while — Camille Corot, the great mid-19th century French painter. 

Even though I’m working from a photograph, I don’t know exactly where the painting is going since one makes little changes.  After enough little changes, one has a lot of changes!

I’m working from someone’s photo now ( just as the old masters painted landscapes in their studios) and its being someone else’s photo explains  why I must change the image — since I’m loath to steal another person’s clouds.  And once the weather warms up, I’ll be doing some landscape outdoors.  But I only work outdoors when Mother Nature presents me with a perfect day.  I don’t like to get my toes cold or my brow all sweaty.  That’s why we’ve got windows.

Okay, just kidding.  Every day that Mother Natures presents IS a perfect day.  (She made me say that.)

4 thoughts on “A Smoother Blue in the Skies

  1. Bill, Did Mother Nature put you up to this? Actually I do plan to work outdoors in the fine weather — so I consider these indoor paintings my preparation — like practicing my scales. That said, I don’t know where I’d find a view like this one around here — inside the infamous Beltway! My en plein air scenery will be more modest. Finding scenery like this near Washington would be like finding an honest politician! Aletha

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