A little curiosity, a little internet searching, and a wish comes true.  I found some wonderful sites featuring artists’ notebooks.  Some of the notebooks are famous, some not.  But the great variety of them makes for pleasurable viewing. 

The experience teaches me that I have definitely not made sufficient use of my notebooks.  And after seeing what John Constable and Claude Monet did with their notebooks — surveying the wonderful images that they stuffed into their pockets — I’m thinking I really need to “get out more.”

Wonder if my koi would mind my paying them a house call?  I could stuff my pockets with fish.  I could put buckets of water in my pockets, too.  Why not the whole pond?  Or, the heck with koi.  A world beckons!

The illustration above comes out of Constable’s pocket.  Pick Monet’s pocket here.

2 thoughts on “Carrying a little world in your pocket

  1. je suis devenue aussi une fan des sketchbooks. Mieux vaut tard que jamais!

  2. on a besoin toujours d’un carnet — bien sur on doit le porter dans le sac a main et un autre au voiture et puis quelques-uns dans les poches

    vive dessiner!

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