matisse woman resting on her hand

Being an artist seems to require a certain amount of imaginative time.  Translate that as meaning: lazy time.  Synonyms: day dreaming, fuzzing out, wool gathering.

Sometimes one even broods.  Brooding consists of “what to do, what to do.”

As for me, I have been overly busy.  I’m definitely ready for laziness of a high order.  Coffee, empty air in front of my ideas, not a thought in my head, kinda time.  Then it shall be so much easier to work.

The modern era conspires against the artist.  But we must fight back and resist.  I cannot burn down the MVA, but I can postpone all of tomorrow’s bureaucratic intrusions into my life and decide to be instead.

(Wish me luck.)

Meanwhile, the lady caught brooding above was wonderfully delineated by Henri Matisse.

2 thoughts on “Art of Brooding

  1. Good luck! You are absolutely right as usual, mindfulness meditation, brooding, whatever you call it, is a necessity.

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