Fisherperson at Work

fish drawing in progress 2

Here’s a part of today’s catch.  I’m drawing these guys on the world’s most beautiful blue paper — Canson pastel paper — the big roll!


Wonderful Down Town DC

Washington studio 2

Most of my fish I catch  from the pond of my suburban Maryland studio, but for a big drawing I decided to visit my much neglected studio (in my secret undisclosed fortified bunker — and you think I’m kidding!)  in the Nation’s Capital which I share with another artist, the owner of the lovely still life on the left.  Today Washington DC was partly cloudy and humid with a temperature of 82 degrees Fahrenheit at noon.   The breeze coming through my windows was magical.   The light was exceptional.   And I was a very, very happy artist.  Spent my day just doing my thing, drawing my fish.

Hope you had a great day, too, wherever you are, whatever you do.

Pure Imagination

My kid is a member of the tech crew for the school play Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.  She’s been going around humming this tune by Anthony Newley all afternoon.  Here’s a fine version by Troubleclef.  A lovely creamy musical thing to fill ones thoughts with — and not so many calories as real chocolate.  Though actual chocolate’s pretty wonderful too.