Shy Koi

Koi drawing update

My conundrum as I draw my koi daily is how I continue writing my blog.  Drawing the same subject again and again is not a tedious exercise.  On the contrary, I find that the drawings are all different.  They lead me into different directions.   The drawings take on a life of their own.  And when the ensemble is complete, and I put them together, I think the variation will be an intriguing as the consistency of theme.

Well, the real koi manage to be interesting every day.  They are the stars of their pond.  So my art-imitating-life versions should be able to hold their own if I do my job right.

But.  You knew there was another shoe to drop …. I’m not saying that one cannot write about these things.  A great writer could probably write about the koi every day just as I draw them.  But I can’t.  My koi are shy. I cannot do this and chew gum too.  I can draw them and find them fascinating hour by hour.  But I cannot fathom how to put that into words.  Indeed, if I could do it with words, why paint?

Painting is painting, and writing is writing. 

So, I have got to find other ways to write about art, other topics to draw, while the koi swim somewhere silently in the background dapple light of their lovely pond.

The drawing above is 45 x 60 inches.  It’s the pond I’ve been fishing lately for several posts.