Secret to Catching Lots of Fish

koi triptych

I found this sage advice at Andrew Gable’s post entitled Sketchbook Stories: I thought getting effective with drawing was much like fishing – Those who catch the most fish, I bet, have their hook in the water the most – thus, I am working on getting my pencil on the paper as much as possible.

Andrew you took the words right out of my mouth!  Meanwhile, back to fishing ….

Red Eyed Cicada

red eyed cicada

One thing I love about working on large paintings (or drawings) is that the details sometimes become little worlds into themselves.  The painting Boo Dreaming pictured in the previous post has this slightly larger than life-size 17 year cicada sitting on the fence.

He’s looking right at you!

Getting Reacquainted

studio view of large painting

Sometimes you have to carve out new space for work.  I had to reorganize my secret bunker studio a bit so that I could better protect my earlier drawing from the effects of sunlight, and while I was doing that it made sense to put the first drawing beside its successor (the new koi fishes on the block).  Yeah, I just had to begin another large koi drawing since I am becoming the Mad Koi Artist.  (It’s a very happy madness.)

Okay, so while I’m moving this and that around, I got a chance to look at another picture, Boo Dreaming, again for the first time in perhaps a year.  At the top of the post is the imaginative landscape I began — oh, can’t remember when.  With space at a premium, various pictures have to go face to the wall as the artist seeks other chances.  This painting isn’t quite finished.  So once I get the acres of koi painting/drawing moved out of the way, I’m looking forward to resuming the imaginative journey into this image.

Adding Fish to the Pond

drawing in a new location

Did a little reorganizing today so that I could move the big koi drawing to a different wall.  It gets the drawing away from direct light and sets it beside the next big drawing in the series.  I added some new fish at the bottom.  So everybody’s in the pond now, I think. 

Once everything that’s going to be in a picture is in it, work takes a new direction.  Then it’s nuance time. 

I like nuance time.