Low tide/Marée Basse

low tide collage

low tide colored pencils

I’ll be sending these pictures to Benedicte for her blog il studio.  The subject this time was low tide (marée basse).


Comparing old and new



I just posted some little flower drawings I did today.  It’s interesting to compare these small drawings with some very large drawings that I’ve done in the past.  These are the older, large drawings above.  If you click on the blog heading you can see these in comparison with the new drawings I did today. 

I guess I must really like flowers.

Thinking about flowers

flowers drawing colored pencils

flowers drawing pen

flowers drawing pencil

I started off my day with flowers.  Cup of hot tea, quiet studio, an hour or so to draw.  After having been busy with many non-art things lately, I thought it was time to just draw.  A still life that I set up months ago was hiding behind a pile of things.  I uncovered it and decided to draw it again.  Previous drawings were large.  These are small.  All on sheets 9 1/2 by 11 inches.

Sometimes it’s good to just draw.  Without goals, without preconceptions.  Just let the lines go where they will.  Fool around with different tools.  Let yourself watch lines forming and time passing.