On Thursday, July 8, 2009, my stats went nuts.

I thought to myself: “Finally!  The world notices!  The world has discovered that I’m the best artistic thing since sliced bread!”  Now I’m having doubts.  Now I’m wondering if it bore any relationship to the story of North Korean attacks on US websites?  Aw, shucks.  Could it be?

And I hope it’s not — I do not wish to be an accidental blip on the international scoundrel radar.  For one thing because I don’t think North Korea is buying a whole lot of art — and two, I don’t like people messing with my country and its internet infrastructures.

I hope it was just a coincidence.  ( Cause, you know, I really am the greatest thing since sliced bread….  Really.)

3 thoughts on “Was it just the North Koreans?

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