after Carracci

This drawing is “after” Annibale Carracci (1560-1609).  Carracci, however, made his drawing in pen and ink.  Mine is conte crayon.  Sometimes it’s interesting to copy other artists — especially old dead masters who can’t come after you with accusations of copyright violation.  And sometimes it’s fun to really “copy,” trying to get every i dotted and t crossed as best one can manage.  I call that aspiring to Xerox machinedom.  Or you can alter the copy even as you copy by some method of deliberate interpretation.  So in this drawing I chose the conte as a meta-tool to imitate the ink wash drawings that Carracci also made in abundance. 

That’s a bit convoluted, so let me redo that:  I copied his pen and ink (line drawing) using a soft medium (conte crayon), but I used the conte in a manner to imitate (somewhat) Carracci’s ink and wash techniques (that he used in other drawings). 

That would make my copy officially a double whammy.  (Or a double header.  A double something ….)

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