Bene drew some clouds and said something about them.  And I’ve decided maybe I ought to go draw some clouds too.  But while I’m rounding up some clouds, I thought I’d let these guys draw clouds.  And I’ll just comment on theirs.

Super! Magnifique!


6 thoughts on “Nuages

  1. Oui, super, magnifique,
    Birelli devait avoir un spectacle a Montreal, il y a 2 ans. On avait des billets et une fois devant la porte du theatre, fermé, on voit “annulé, canceled”!
    Birelli, si vous lisez Aletha, revenez une autre fois a Montreal…

  2. Can’t paint ’em? Pshaw! Of course you can. You copied Richter. Clouds are abstract too.

    Give it a try. (Don’t count the first few tries if you don’t like them.) That’s from life. But also, try making a copy (or copies) of somebody else’s clouds. The English 19th century artist Constable is a good one to look at — he made numerous cloud studies for his landscapes.

    Other 19th century landscape artists also did cloud studies. Really doesn’t matter which ones you copy. But copying their studies can teach you what colors (nuances of blues, whites and greys) to look for.

    It’s just like copying the Richter. Really.


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