Beautiful Graphite!

flower pencil drawing

In the previous post I explained that collage could be a means of escape from the indecision that sometimes accompanies drawing.  But, pshaw!  What’s wrong with a little indecisiveness now and again!  I love to waver.  “Almost’ is my middle name!

I love the beautiful smudginess of pencil drawing.  And so when I was designing exotic flowers, I could not resist a loopy, devil-may-care pencil version. 

Sometimes you just gotta have fun.

three flowers three media

Here’s the drawing in situ.

There’s More to Me than Being Koi

collage flowers

Sometimes I like to use collage to design things.  It’s very freeing.  Almost no matter what shapes you cut out, you get something attractive.  And it’s the ultimate in bold drawing.  There’s no opportunity to hesitate about cutting paper.  No half measures.  It’s all or nothing.  No smudges.

In a painting that I’ve been fiddling with for a long time, a woman sits on a chair covered in exotic flowers, and I have played around with the design of the flowers.  Just for fun.  These cut flowers are one version of my playtime activities.

Kids’ paint.  Scissors.  Glue.  Paper.  That’s all you need.

collage flower

What we cannot show you yet

Our hamster surprised us yesterday by becoming a mother — rather unexpectedly.  Well, I suppose she was expecting to be a mother.  But we didn’t know.  Indeed, we really have known so little about her.  She’s only been our hamster for a little over a week.  Blanca (that’s her name) was our “free” hamster.  Buy the stuff, get the hamster free.  It wasn’t a promotional gesture.  Blanca was a female hamster sent to the boy hamster only store by mistake.  Because she wasn’t part of their inventory, they couldn’t sell her.  Hence she was free. 

The babies — well, they’re free too, I guess.   Was that promotional on the store’s part?  On the hamster’s part?  We don’t know.  But now we have somewhere between 8 -13 free hamsters.  Hopefully we’ll sort the situation out before there are more free hamsters. 

Would love to share a picture with you, but the mother is in confinement.  Busy mom of an undetermined number of offspring, she isn’t available for the camera or the artist’s pad.  So, Blanca will have to remain a blank-a for now.

We’ve been getting a primer on hamster care here.

UPDATE:  Pictures of the babies!  Here and here.