janlievens man with beret

Lievens copy after

I was browsing through the exhibition catalog of the National Gallery of Art’s Jan Lievens show today.  Made a quick drawing after the wonderful “tronie”  Man with a Beret.  I used colored pencils.  How I’ve changed.  I used to be such a snob.  I didn’t think that colored pencils were a “serious” medium.  Now I love them. 

I’ve grown.  Nowadays my attitude is, “if you can draw with it, how wonderful.”  I love drawing.  Whatever you can capture ideas with is a “serious” medium. 

Get your own copy of Lievens here.


2 thoughts on “Jan Lievens and Me in Color

  1. A very nice copy. I tried colored pencils but it was too much work for me to blend the colors. You made excellent use of the medium in this piece.

  2. I got started with colored pencils, Bill, only after my kid was born when I was looking for various kinds of kid-safe materials. But now I’m hooked — not just on colored pencils, but basically on anything that makes color happen.

    I love all art supplies now. All of them! –ak

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