The babies are growing up!

hamster little brown 2

I am drawing some.  Really.  And I will resume writing about art soon.  Honest.  It’s just that — how do I put this?   I’ve been cleaning hamster cages.  Ten hamsters can sure poop.  A lot!

But they’re very, very cute and almost grown up.  With school starting, I’m ready to send them out the door.  I may station myself outside my kid’s school at dismissal time.  If children haven’t signed up for a hamster, well obviously, they don’t have all their school supplies yet.

These have been, are still, a bunch of cute little fellows, but I will be so glad to see them go!  (Oopsie.  Did I really say that?)

Then, it’s back to art.

hamster nellie

hamster Blanco

hamster little brown 5

hamster little tan

Hamster sharky 2

hamster little brown

hamster jarjar 2

hamster little brown 3

Here’s Blanca, their mother

hamster mother blanca

One more baby picture … aren’t they cute.

hamster grey