hamster little brown 2

I am drawing some.  Really.  And I will resume writing about art soon.  Honest.  It’s just that — how do I put this?   I’ve been cleaning hamster cages.  Ten hamsters can sure poop.  A lot!

But they’re very, very cute and almost grown up.  With school starting, I’m ready to send them out the door.  I may station myself outside my kid’s school at dismissal time.  If children haven’t signed up for a hamster, well obviously, they don’t have all their school supplies yet.

These have been, are still, a bunch of cute little fellows, but I will be so glad to see them go!  (Oopsie.  Did I really say that?)

Then, it’s back to art.

hamster nellie

hamster Blanco

hamster little brown 5

hamster little tan

Hamster sharky 2

hamster little brown

hamster jarjar 2

hamster little brown 3

Here’s Blanca, their mother

hamster mother blanca

One more baby picture … aren’t they cute.

hamster grey


9 thoughts on “The babies are growing up!

  1. They are cute. I like the grey one, he looks shy, maybe because he’s not as colourful as the others. Good luck with the disposal plan.

  2. I love them all – some look as if mugging for the camera. You’ll get lots of takers, being as they are absolutely irresistible. Their little hands loof so deft. Their little ears so mobile and expressive. I never had a gerbil as a kid because my mother considered them vermin. I wish… G

  3. j’attends avec impatience tes dessins,
    d’ailleurs tes photos m’inspirent je pense essayer aussi…
    toujours aussi mimi, les enfants a l’école vont beaucoup t’aimer, les parents moins.

  4. Paul, Karol, G, Gabrielle, and Ben —

    You give me hope! Hope that soon I will have escaped a hamster cornucopia, a peril that might have had dire and exponential consequences! Love is in the air …. If I did escape it has been by a whisper — for hamsters acquire the urge to furnish the world with more hamsters from a very early moment in life. To a rodent, there’s nothing finer than more rodents!

    Ah, but soon! Hopefully, very soon. So many children will have their much beloved pets, and Blanca’s babies will thereafter live contented chaste lives ….

    And I will, upon the advent of that morning of their departure, I shall have a life again!


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