Blanca Drawings! Voila!

carnet des desssin blanca by Ben

carnet des dessins blanca-and-family by Ben


Bénédicte of Carnet des dessins has made drawings of all the hamsters!  This is so fabulous!  I’ve got to tell the hamsters.  Wish I could get them to look at themselves on the internet (but though they are a dapper group of little fellows, they do somewhat lack culture).  She has portrayed them each so lovingly and captured each one’s “inner hamster.”

I was so hoping that someone would draw them — the hamsters are becoming famous!  — and I got my wish!  Is this great or what!

Merci beaucoup, Ben!

Go to Bénédicte’s site for an even better view.  Click on the picture (at her site) and you can see a larger version of this wonderful page from Ben’s notebook.