Chiaroscuro shell

sea shell in pencil

Today was a loose ends kind of day.  Did a little of this, little of that, but had few chances to do a sustained bit of anything.  Except I made this drawing.  Pencil is such a moody, smudgy medium.  Shiny too.  Have to love the way that graphite gives off light as well as absorbs it.

The shell, too, reflected my thoughts back to me as well as absorbed some of them.  The beauty of drawing is the way it lets your mind drift off to lazy, limitless, meditative places.

not epic hamster poetry (sort of)

blanca the rockstar hamster

Do not blame me, blame Paul Squires.  I could not get hamster poetry, so I was reduced to desperate measures.  (Not to add insult to injury, but that’s a pun.  Desperate measures.  Get it?) 

There once was a hamsta named Blanca

And after the boys she did hank ‘a

When babies she had,

Of course we were glad,

Though we’re not quite sure how we should thank ‘a

Now then, if you want to read real poetry, find that here.

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UPDATE:  The hamster/chicken rivalry has been further chronicled here.